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Our FAQs

From milk to yogurt and all the questions in-between

what makes white & brie yogurt special?

Our yogurt is made under strict guidelines. We make them in small batches, this helps us ensure we deliver great quality, every time!

how do you sweeten your yogurts?

We use cane juice which is a derivative of sugar cane. We also have the option to sweeten with honey at the customers' request

how long can i keep it?

Your jar of White & Brie yogurt can keep in the fridge for 3+ weeks. However, we always recommend to eat when fresh. Our products contain live & active probiotics (yum!) which will continue to make the yogurt more sour the longer it keeps

what's the return policy?

We have a zero return policy as we ensure our products are made using the highest quality ingredients and a very strict process. However, we treat consumer complaints extremely seriously and will work with you to ensure your complaints are resolved

i'm lactose intolerant, can I eat White & Brie?

As a result of our authentic straining process, our products contain less than 5% lactose per serving. Therefore, you may be able to eat our yogurt, but always remember to consult your physician 

how do you source the milk used in your jars?

White & Brie is made from grade A full cream milk in partnership with the top milk manufacturers globally, and NEVER from powdered milk!

do you use any preservatives?

Our jars of yogurt are preservative free, which is why they must be stored in the refrigerator at all times

what's the liquid on the top of the yogurt?

It's normal for a little bit of liquid (whey) to separate from our yogurt, simply stir it back in and enjoy :)

do you have minimum order quantities?

yes, we need a minimum of one 490ml tub or 2 240ml tubs to process the order

can i freeze my yogurt?

It is absolutely safe to freeze. However, we do not advise that you freeze your tub of yogurt as once thawed, the texture would be different. 

how do you flavor your yogurt?

All our flavors start off as REAL fruits, we then take them through a delicate treatment process before adding them to our yogurts to ensure that we don't compromise the texture of our yogurts

do you add colorings?

For some of our flavored jars, we do include natural coloring gotten from fruits and vegetables in our products 

do you ship products?

Yes we do. We have two choices available to our customers. The first choice is to have the products delivered to the consumer's preferred location & the second is to pick up from a select location (options available at checkout)

is greek yogurt healthy?

a serving of your favorite fruit flavored ice-cream contains about 330 calories and about 34g of sugar, a serving of white and brie's fruit flavored yogurt contains 210 calories & only 16g of sugar!

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