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White & Brie is an authentic handcrafted greek yogurt experience, our products are made in small batches under strict greek guidelines ensuring that we deliver perfection straight from the farm to your bowl! We use only the highest quality ingredients and we push the boundaries of curiosity, bringing our creative freedom to your taste buds


While traveling through Turkey, Zara experienced rich, delectable and extremely indulging yogurt, the kind she knew she couldn't find on the shelves back home, and at that moment, it became apparent that something had to be done about that. And Zara did just that with White & Brie. White & Brie strives to deliver perfection in every spoonful.


Trustworthy, Quality, Loyal, and Ethical. We are passionate about people and we are a bit obsessed with positive change. Our guiding principle is to be 'nutritionally audacious'. We don't just dream, we do. 

Our Product
Our Values
Our Story
Our Philosophy

OUR Philosophy

We are creators, this defines us and it directs us. We obsess over pushing the envelope forward and being as dynamic and positive as our consumers. We are also guided by simplicity which is reflected in the ingredients that we use and our packaging. And at the heart of it all, we are loudly and proudly Nigerian, colorful and authentic and most importantly, excellent.

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